June 12, 2023

Forus Partners with KWOTA to Offer Carbon-Compensated Services and Drive Sustainable Practices

Forus, a company contributing to a safe and sustainable environment, has announced an exciting cooperation with KWOTA, an innovative end-to-end SaaS platform for carbon emissions savings, verification, and trading. This partnership sets the stage for Forus to offer carbon-compensated services, contributing to a circular and more sustainable future.

Forus has always been at the forefront of providing exceptional services to its customers. With this collaboration, Forus is taking another significant step by integrating KWOTA's cutting-edge technology and expertise into its service offerings. KWOTA's unique approach to carbon emissions reduction stands apart from traditional carbon offsetting initiatives.

KWOTA specializes in creating standardized high-impact carbon credits from increased material recycling and recovery. This is achieved by collaborating with material producers who increase the share of recyclable materials in their production or supply chain, resulting in verified CO₂ reduction. These carbon offsets are then sold to companies seeking to reduce their own carbon footprint or integrate KWOTA's circularity solutions into their business operations.

As part of this cooperation, Forus will incorporate KWOTA's platform to provide carbon-compensated real estate services on a per square meter basis. This means that customers of Forus will now have the option to avail themselves of services that actively contribute to CO2 reductions.

The integration of KWOTA's services into Forus’s portfolio offers a unique competitive advantage. Unlike traditional carbon offsetting, KWOTA's approach ensures an immediate reduction of CO2 emissions through increased material recycling. This aligns perfectly with the growing demand from environmentally conscious consumers who prefer companies actively taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint instantly.

According to Teet Raudsep, the Member of the Management Board at Forus, Forus already offers services to real estate that help reduce the building's energy consumption and footprint. Forus specialists calculate the building's CO₂ footprint, which the building's tenants can compensate through KWOTA.

"Environmentally conscious consumers prefer companies that actively take steps to immediately reduce their carbon footprint, and the demand for carbon solutions is growing," confirms Raudsep.

One of the primary goals of this cooperation is for Forus to achieve the reuse of 10,000 tonnes of recyclable materials in production within the first 12 months. By incorporating KWOTA's solutions, Forus aims to make a substantial impact on global circularity. With the global circularity rate at only 7.2% (according to the Circularity Gap report), more efforts need to be made to reduce the need for raw material extraction and increase the reuse of recyclable materials. “Significantly increasing circularity can dramatically reduce global CO2 emissions in material production” says KWOTA CEO, Rain Vääna.

Rain further expressed his delight with forward-thinking companies like Forus, emphasizing the importance of making sustainable practices a priority within a company’s roadmap.

Teet Raudsep, the Member of the Management Board at Forus, shared his excitement about this partnership and the positive contribution it will bring to the Baltic region and beyond.

This collaboration between Forus and KWOTA sets a remarkable example of how companies can work together to drive sustainable practices, reduce carbon emissions, and make a tangible difference in combating climate change. By embracing KWOTA's innovative solutions, Forus aims to lead the way towards a greener future.

For more information about KWOTA and their services, please contact info@kwota.com or visit their website at www.kwota.com

For more information on FORUS group and their services, please contact forus@forus.ee or visiting their website at www.forus.ee

For any direct information,
Rain Vääna
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Kemal Ozturk

KWOTA Marketing Lead

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